Thursday, 5 November 2020

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 Finch Radio Lands In Preston:

Yes the bird has finally flown and now resides in Preston to be closer to its loving founder whom started the whole set up way back in 1964...The Bruno Benning Clap Trap Show!

Yes we did have decks in those days albeit ancient ones...and from those decks eventually came the Radio Station you all love in the 21st century and the bird that she is Finch Radio!

So a great big welcome to our new website where you can now find all our shows (eventually) all in one place...whether they be Bruno's Blogs, Finch Radio or even the good old Clap Trap Show...they will be here for your entertainment!

And, because we are internet based (YouTube) (Spreaker) ( ( and (Twitter @brunobenning) you can still here the great sounds wherever we are based in the world!

So go ahead and dig in to our latest shows from Preston...or delve back into our archives for more favourites...Enjoy!

Bruno Benning (Radio Presenter)

Mark Mace (Radio Producer)

Friday, 29 May 2020


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Finch Radio Presents "Modern Reggae" by Bruno Benning (Release Date 29:5...


So, Finch Radio is back with its own Blog Site and along with the infamous Bruno Benning, and the "Bruno Benning Clap Trap Show" will be entertaining you the masses with vast episodes and mixes of music for you to while your hours away!


Finch Radio produces its shows via Spreaker Studio and in the main uses the partnership artists linked to us from Epidemic Sounds. We upload to and utilize our Producers YouTube Channel to Broadcast to the World....So please subscribe to the channel when you are next connected....Thanks (Mark) Radio Producer